3 big red flags recruiters watch out for

A recruiter’s job is not just to match the best available candidate for the position, but also to minimise potential risks for the company. They are trained to watch out for red flags throughout the recruitment process. If you’re on the hunt for your next role, make sure you avoid these red flags at all costs. 

1. Your resume doesn’t match the job requirements

When a job description is created by a company, it almost always includes a list of requirements desired by the person to fill the position. This may include having a minimum number of years in the industry or having experience using a particular CRM software. From a recruiter’s perspective, they will only bring in candidates for an interview that match most of the requirements, if not all. When reviewing a job posting that you want to apply for, make sure you include details of how you fulfil each requirement in both your resume and cover letter. 

2. Your online presence does not match your resume

Remember that recruiters are like the company’s FBI agent. A big part of their role is to investigate the candidate’s professional background and check that it is consistent offline and online. Make sure that your online presence, like on LinkedIn and social media, is consistent with your resume. Want to improve your LinkedIn profile? Read four hacks for improving your Linkedin summary.

3. Unexplained or inconsistent gaps in your career

You want to make your resume and CV as seamless as possible, and this means making sure your timeline is correct and accounted for. A recruiter wants to know that you were working consistently with minimal gaps in your career. Of course, they will understand that we all take time off work once in a while like taking a gap year after graduating or a career break after being in the industry for a few years. But always make sure you address these gaps with a small note that states why you took time off work. Don't keep them guessing. 

As you delve into the recruitment process, do your best to avoid making these three red flag mistakes. Don’t give a reason for the recruiter to dismiss your application.

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