5 key phrases to include in your CV

It is likely that your CV is the first document a prospective employer has access to, so it forms a huge part of your first impression. Consequently, the 'wow' factor required goes beyond tidy formatting, immaculate grammar and punctuation, and sufficient detail. The key to really standing out from the crowd is in the words and phrases you employ in outlining your professional (and personal) strengths. Partnering with a professional resume service will give you the edge here, as will including the following five keywords:

1. Lead

Leadership is widely regarded as the most important quality in successful employees. If you aren't in a role where you lead a team, don't be tricked into thinking you can drop the ball on this crucial front. Good leadership shows confidence, patience, communication and organisational skills - all of which add a huge amount of value to any business. 

2. Present

An ability to communicate with ease and confidence, and give a presentation to senior stakeholders, will be vital for many industries. Showing you can engage with stakeholders of different levels and backgrounds speaks to your character as well as your professional capabilities and makes you an attract feature prospect to an employer who is looking to bolster communication ability in his or her team.

3. Deliver

Ultimately, any prospective employer is looking for your ability to achieve task - which means delivering results! Highlighting on your CV instances where you have delivered such an outcome will definitely meet these criteria, proving that you can act as well as speak! 

4. Negotiate

Ability to influence groups of difficult stakeholders, get your agenda to the top of the pile, and see both sides of a challenging situation are all vital! An ability to negotiate effectively also shows you can prioritise, you know what is important, and what you can trade off. Plus, negotiators tend to take a collaborative approach, which will impress a prospective employer from a cultural perspective.

5. Improve

Showing that you can improve a project or environment is crucial. This could be in turning around a struggling business unit, improving employee engagement, meeting a greater number of KPIs - whatever the case - your ability to improve indicates a combination of initiative and problem-solving skills. 

Does your CV contain all of these crucial concepts? Even if you have communicated your abilities in some of these areas, a great resume with even more "action" oriented words will do wonders for landing your next dream job. The team at Loft Resumes is here to help - get in touch today!
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