5 Resume Mistakes Trump and Clinton Have Made That You Can Avoid

The presidential election season is currently upon the United States, and with it comes political gaffes. These noticeable mistakes often create unintended catchphrases, like Hillary Clinton’s comments linking baskets with Donald Trump supporters. They create easy material for nightly news programs via Gary Johnson’s inability to remember answers. They even create streams-of-consciousness so unique that even temperamental basketball legend Bobby Knight has tried to “settle down” Trump’s statements.

This election season, the Loft Resumes team pledges to reduce gaffes that harm your resume or CV. Enhance your content and design through the following solutions for common resume mistakes:


Resume Mistake #1: Lack of Experience

A common job search mistake is using a resume that lacks experience. The resume features a mismatched skill set or a lack of experience that creates attention-seeking white space.

Paying attention to qualifications before applying for a position is a great way to downplay a perceived lack of experience. Mentioning listed key words will help connect existing skills to the position’s needs. For example, retail experience is connected to an IT help desk position via customer service experience.

If resume white space is the issue, list any additional skills from previous positions or non-paying experience, such as volunteer work. Utilizing a professional resume design will also reduce white space and strengthen your content.


Resume Mistake #2: Experience Gap

Another common resume problem is a noticeable gap in your experience timeline. This gap could be caused by circumstances such as a deep recession, a family matter (new baby/illness), or taking college courses. If the experience gap is noticeable, it could signal that your resume is outdated.

To shorten the experience gap, use only years when listing the each position’s employment dates. For example, list a position that began in October 2013 as simply beginning in 2013. Also, list any additional unpaid experience acquired during gap times. For example, a stay-at-home mom could display fresh administrative skills acquired from managing the local preschool’s playdates.


Resume Mistake #3: Spelling/Grammar Errors

Imagine the following: You’ve spent a couple of hours crafting the perfect CV for a desirable position. You then discover a spelling error on the CV after you’ve submitted your completed application, and this error could keep you from getting an interview.

If possible, try to submit a corrected CV via the initial application or directly to the recruiter. Prevent future blunders by proofreading before starting each application. When proofreading, don’t forget to check your listed phone number or email address—an incorrect number or unprofessional address will immediately place your CV in the “no” pile.

If you submit a spelling error and proceed to the interview round, make sure to bring corrected CV copies to the interview. Choosing a new CV design also helps recruiters see your resume in a more professional light.


Resume Mistake #4: Incorrect/Negative Information

Incorrect or negative information is often associated with political campaigns, and should not be associated with your resume. Avoid listing dishonest information on your resume, including false position names, non-existent job duties, and unearned college degrees. A quick internet search will easily contradict any false resume information. Also, avoid listing any negative information about current or former employers.


Resume Mistake #5: Too Much Information

The purpose of a resume is to obtain an interview through listed experience, not through featured personal information. Do not include your social security number, age, race, or any other personal tidbits that do not pertain to your applicable skills. Also, keep in mind that listing too much information will decrease the recruiter’s ability to read your resume. Using a custom resume design will help your experience shine in a legible manner.


Mistake-Proof Your Resume!

Conducting a career search is stressful, especially during a long election season. The Loft Resumes team is here to help! Our team is dedicated to writing and designing eye-catching (and error-free!) content for your resume, CV, or cover letter. Click here to discover resume services that will further your current career path. Trust the Loft Resumes experts to create exceptional resume content, and leave the gaffes to the politicians.

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