Huntsy: Get Organized and Get Employed

When looking for a new job, most experts agree on one thing – be proactive in your search. But between networking, job boards, application tools and HR hurdles, finding the right fit can be daunting. If you're feeling overwhelmed by the hunt, you might need a hand. Huntsy is a new organizational tool that helps job seekers stay on track, so they don't fall prey to the process.

Hailed by the popular blog, Lifehacker, Huntsy has been called “a Pinterest for job seekers.” But the tool does more than simply tack your favorites to a page. Huntsy streamlines the process so you can keep tally of job postings, multiple resumes, e-mail drafts, follow-ups and more. Think of it as a one-stop command center for your most important mission.

Once signed in, Huntsy will keep track of scheduled interviews, multiple versions of your resume and help you discover new contacts and utilize current ones in your social networks. Simply put, the tool allows you to use all the resources available to you in the most efficient and effective way possible.

As you find job listings, one click on the Huntsy browser plug-in sends them to your personal dashboard. Once added, Huntsy allows you to draft cover letters, choose preferred versions of your resume and even send in applications directly. You can also transport your work to Gmail or your desktop. Now that you're on  your prospective employer’s radar, Hunsty helps you stay on-task by creating a timeline of tasks to complete for each job listing, from applying for the job to following up. And, if things go as planned, it even allows you to schedule an interview.

Beyond the tool itself, the Huntsy blog features helpful hints and tips on how job seekers can best position themselves for success. For example, in one recent post, a featured career strategist recommends crafting “resumes with flavor” to stand out in the crowd (another reason we at Loft Resumes love Huntsy). And if you've found yourself out-of-work, Huntsy even offers a "handbook for the recently unemployed.”

Huntsy is free to use and entirely compatible with your personalized Loft Resume. Click here to visit the website and get signed up today. 

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