8 Examples of Job Positions Where a Creative Resume Can Give You an Edge

Sure, a resume is meant to be a serious document. But for many positions, a splash of color and a creative design can show employers that you’re the type of person who cares about making an unforgettable impression, giving you an edge at landing your dream job. While job seekers in all kinds of professions are using Loft Resumes, we thought we’d give you a sampling of a few career opportunities that can especially benefit from a creative job-hunting approach.

Video production - To work in the film industry, you’ll need to have an eye for the right angle. A sleek, modern-looking C.V., coupled with an impressive film reel, can help illustrate that you’ve got what it takes.

Creative director or art director - If you’re seeking work at an ad agency or design shop, an eye-catching resumé will show that you know your stuff and will help you stand out from the crowd—alongside some great portfolio samples, of course.

A job in the fashion industry - The fashion world is all about appearance, so when you’re applying for a position in the fashion or beauty industry, you can put your best foot forward with a glamorous resumé that beautifully presents your skills. For this profession, it can be a great idea to include a professional headshot—or, in this case, even a full body shot that demonstrates that you know how to style an outfit.

An art teacher - Whether you’re aiming for a kindergarten classroom or a university, a creative, professionally designed resume can help you skip to the front of the line.

Actor - As an actor, whether you get a role or not is largely based on your audition. Even so, submitting a colorful, creative resume that includes a dramatic headshot will jog the director’s memory about your dazzling performance, enhancing your chances of getting the role.

Museum curator - If you’re seeking work as a gallery curator or a related position in an art museum, the director will want to see that you have a great eye for style and placement. A carefully curated, visually compelling resume will help do the trick.

Package designer ­- If you’re applying for a job designing product packages, it can pay off to put thought and effort into deciding how to package yourself as a job candidate. A clever concept that’s perfectly executed can help you make the sale. 

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