Five tips for creating a video resume

Creating a video resume can be nerve-wracking. Instead of hiding behind your achievements on paper, you have to show yourself. But, whether you like it or not, many companies now include a video resume as part of the application process. Get yours right with these five tips. 

Video resume

1. Don't go overtime

No prospective employer wants to spend 10 minutes listening to you telling your life story. Keep your video resume to one or two minutes. If you're struggling to cut it back, then focus on the two or three most important points. There's plenty of detail on your traditional resume.

2. Make it unique 

Whether you're applying for your first junior role or a CEO position, your main strength is your individuality. Your video resume should reveal something interesting about you that's relevant to the job for which you're applying. Do you wake up every morning and go for a run? Shoot your video resume at sunrise, to demonstrate that you're a self-disciplined go-getter. 

3. Be meaningful

What are your core values? Why are you applying for the job, on a deep level? What is it about the company or organisation that attracts you? Your video resume should show that you're serious. If you've thought at length about the position, then it's clear that it's important to you and that you're likely to work hard.

4. Be creative

Don't sit in front of a plain backdrop reciting your resume. Generally speaking, employers aren't on the lookout for bores. Instead, get creative. This could be as simple as choosing a location that means something to you or as complex as writing a song and performing it. The idea is to command attention. If you're stuck for ideas, don't be afraid to ask around. 

5. Demonstrate unwavering professionalism

Even if you shoot your video resume at the beach, don't neglect your professionalism. Be sure to speak clearly and display your potential dedication. Making an appropriate joke is one thing, sounding like you just got out of bed with a hangover is quite another. Also, before submitting your video resume, edit it, listen to it and seek the opinions of honest, trustworthy friends.

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