How to make your cover letter sparkle

As you are aware, the purpose of cover letters is to make recruiters want to read your Curriculum Vitae (CV). Every cover letter you write should be unique and tailored to each job. It may take more time, but the recruiters will be impressed by the originality of your application.

If you always use the same wording in your cover letter, mistakes are going to happen. There is nothing worse than referring to the wrong company in your application. Be yourself and stand out, but keep your tone professional.

Target keywords from the advertisement

Match your capabilities to two or three key criteria mentioned in the job advertisement. Give specific examples of how your experience matches the company's objectives. Keep it concise and direct their attention to your CV.

Clearly state why they should hire YOU

Before you start your application, your research skills will be invaluable and set you apart from other job seekers. You need to understand the company, industry trends and workplace culture to demonstrate your interest and enthusiasm for the job. Explain how your skills and experience will help the organisation's goals.

Use the recruiter's name in your salutation

A recruiter hates to see a cover letter which starts with "Dear Sir/Madam" or "To Whom it May Concern". This simply tells them you have not done any research on their company. If you don't have a name, be proactive and phone the company to ask who you should address your cover letter to 

Show an original ending

Once you have written an amazing cover letter, you need an original ending. Don't use "Thank you for your time in reading my application". This will guarantee your application ending up in the bin. Instead aim to remain professional, polite and courteous. Save the thank you for when you get an interview. Demonstrate you are proactive and use an alternative ending such as; "I'll be in touch next week to discuss how my skills will benefit your company". 

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