Preparing for a mid-life career change

Many people find that middle age is a natural reflection point on what they have been doing in their life, including the field that they have been working in. It can be a great time to make a change in your career, especially if you have not been happy with your work situation. 


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Here are some tips to help you make a mid-life career change. 

Do some volunteer work in the field

It can be hard to get an entry-level job as a middle-aged person, especially if people are not clear about why you are swapping careers. Doing some volunteer work is a great way to show that you have put some consideration into moving into the new field and that you are committed to working in this area. It can also be a good way to narrow down exactly what kind of jobs or workplace you are looking for and can also be a great way to get a reference for your job applications. 

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Get professional help redesigning your resume

As many of your previous roles and responsibilities won't align that well with your new field, you will need to describe your duties in each role to show that your other career has helped you to develop other useful skills. Skills such as time management, leading a team, working with difficult people and managing processes and procedures are all skills that stretch across different industries and which might be useful to a new employer as well. A professional resume service, such as Loft Resumes, can be a great help as they can help to craft a resume that highlights your most relevant skills and training. 

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Stay positive 

It can be hard get your foot in the door and to change careers, so try to stay positive. You may need to apply for more jobs and go to more interviews before you get your first job offer. Remember to stay positive and thank people for their time and consideration, as you may run into them in the future if you stay in the industry for a while. A positive attitude can go a long way in helping people to remember you for future job openings.

Stay positive

If you're looking to change careers, you'll need a new resume. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help.

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