The tips and tricks of tweaking your resume

Resume writing can be a daunting task. There is no doubt that the idea of one document being a representation of who you are and all the skills you possess in regards to a particular career path is a difficult notion to come to terms with. This is because we are of course much more than one document. Some people even struggle with ‘selling themselves’. 

So how can you move past these concerns to effectively represent yourself on your resume? 

Know your key skills

If you struggle to sell yourself on paper, consider your total skill set, even if initially seeming irrelevant to a certain role. Creativity, for example, might not feel applicable to a technical position, but being able to demonstrate thinking outside the box and ingenuity can help you in any role. Ensure you don't overlook these key attributes by writing a list of your skills and carefully considering each one with regards to your dream job. From there, you can tailor your resume to become an accurate representation of yourself.

Use the professional terminology 

Now that you have thoroughly considered your personal skills, your resume needs to reflect your expertise through relevant terminology for that profession. This shows your potential employer that you understand the industry terms and that you are comfortable using them fluently, helping you stand out amongst other applicants.

Keep it simple

Employers tend to receive a large volume of responses to every job opening. Imagine sifting through 300 resumes to find a shortlist of 5-10 applicants that you had to interview: what would make it easier, and more likely that they'll select you?

Simple: ensure it's easy to digest. They should know straight away who you are; what you're best at; why you're a good fit for the particular job. Be concise and efficient, break up your paragraphs into short sentences and get to the point. 

Being aware of your skills, using professional terminology and keeping concise are all things that will enhance your likelihood of getting through the initial round of applications and securing an interview. Loft Resumes can help you get there, so get in contact with us to find out more about tweaking your resume for the best results.
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