FAQS - Mobile

How does the Loft Resumes process work?

First you'll shop for a resume. You can choose your preferred delivery time and the number of pages in your resume. When you complete the checkout process, you'll be directed to a page where you'll upload the information for your resume and provide any special instructions. We'll custom typeset your content and email you a high-resolution PDF version of your resume along with a matching, editable cover letter. Your purchase includes up to 2 rounds of revisions, if they're needed. If at any time in the future, you'd like to make additional text edits, you can purchase additional revisions for $15.

How much does it cost?

A 1 page resume with our standard 3 business day service is $99.  Each additional page is $10. Service within 2 business days is available for an additional $15 and service within 1 business day is available for an additional $30. If you'd like to use custom colors that we don't currently offer on our site, you can purchase that option for $30.

What if I need to make updates to my resume in the future?

If you'd like to make changes to the text of your resume at any time after you've approved the design, you can purchase additional revisions for $15 (3 business day turnaround) or for $25 (1 business day turnaround.) Keep in mind that these additional revisions only include changes to the text on your resume. If you'd like to use a different design, you'll need to shop for another resume.

Will my resume look exactly like the ones in the photos?

No. Your unique resume will be based on the design that you chose. However, everyone's content and preferences are different so your resume won't necessarily look exactly like the one your chose.


What if I don't like the initial layout?

You get two initial revisions with the purchase of your resume.  While the revision process is structured, you'll have the opportunity to let us know of any changes you'd like to see.  


How does the initial revision process work?

We'll email you a PDF of your resume. You can reply to that email with any changes that you'd like to make. All changes must be within the framework of the design that you chose. We'll email your resume back with your changes within 2 business days. If at that time you notice any additional edits, you can send those to us by email. We'll make the necessary alterations and email the final version of your resume to you within 2 additional business days.


What do I receive?

We'll email you a high resolution PDF of your resume along with an editable, matching cover letter in Microsoft Word (can also be opened in Pages for Mac.)


How long does it take?

Our standard service is 3 business days (if ordered before 5 PM EST.)  We offer service within 2 business days for an additional $15 and service within 1 business day for an additional $30.


Can I choose custom colors for my resume?

Yes. We can create custom colors for your resume. This option costs an additional $30 and can be chosen on the product detail page before you add the resume to your cart.


Does Loft Resumes offer resume writing services?

Currently we do not offer a resume writing service.


Does my content have to fit in the same sections as the example resumes?

No. It's our job to adjust the resume design to accommodate your unique content and place it in the most appropriate location. If you're not pleased with the initial design we send you, you can always adjust it during the two revisions that are included with your resume. If you have any special instructions, it's best to let us know.  You'll have the opportunity to do so at the end of the checkout process.


What about cover letters?

We'll email you a Microsoft Word document (can also be opened in Pages for Mac) that matches the design of your resume. You can use this document to compose your cover letters.


Can I change the section names on my resume?

Absolutely, if the content you provide contains different section names, we'll do our best to use those. 


What do I need to provide?

You'll need to upload the content for your resume (any common word processing format such as Microsoft word, Pages for Mac, or a Rich Text File). If you've chosen a theme with a photo, you'll need to upload your photo (recommended minimum size of 1800 pixels x 1200 pixels in jpg, eps, or tiff). If you've purchased the custom color option, you'll need to provide direction as to what color(s) you would like us to use. 


Does Loft Resumes offer its services to those outside the United States?



Who is responsible for typos?

You are responsible for any typographical errors. We'll do our best to correct any glaring mistakes but ultimately typos are your responsibility. We suggest that you carefully proofread your resume and have someone else proofread it for you as well.


Who designs the resumes on the site?

We hand pick talented designers around the country and commission them to create custom work. You'll notice their names on the detail page for each of our resumes.