Why Loft? - Mobile

Employers are drowning in a sea of resumes.  

On average, they’ll spend less than 30 seconds looking at yours.  Then it’ll be placed in one of two stacks – interested or uninterested.  If yours isn’t one of the few that makes it into the former, you don’t stand a chance.

So, how do you stand out?  How do you get noticed?  Show them that you’re the type of person willing to invest in the most important document you’ll ever create.  That just as your resume isn’t status quo, neither are you.  And that’s precisely why they need you. 

We can’t guarantee you your dream career.  But we can help you stand out. 

Adding Form to Function

Since the advent of the word processor, resumes haven’t changed much - black and white, maybe a different header here or a different typeface there.  There’s been little form to the function.  Our passion is taking this utilitarian document and transforming it into something beautiful, something compelling - an instrument.

The Process

In a world of automation and algorithms, there’s still something to be said about the human touch. When you hire Loft Resumes, you’re not hiring a machine; you’re commissioning craftsmen trained to view your resume through the eyes of an artist and the mind of an employer.  Craftsmen who will custom-typeset every word you write so that your story is told, your history is communicated, and your accomplishments are revealed.

Loft Resumes

Loft Resumes is a small team of makers dedicated to crafting gorgeous resumes that help you reach your goals.

Dodd Caldwell - Cofounder (Twitter) (DoddCaldwell.com)
Emory Cash - Cofounder (Twitter) (Dribbble)