A guide to successful job hunting

Securing the perfect role isn't always easy, especially if you are in a competitive field or industry. Before you throw yourself into job hunting headfirst it's a good idea to streamline the process by following our guide for job hunting successfully.

Job hunting

Research the types of jobs which are of interest to you

By spending the time researching the jobs that you are interested in, you can determine whether you have the skills or qualifications these require, or if you need any additional training. You can also find out the companies that are offering these jobs through online job search platforms such as Seek. 

Have a customised CV created

To more efficiently secure the roles you prefer, having a CV customised to incorporate the specific skill-set and qualifications you offer that fulfills the requirements of the role is essential. By having a customised CV created for each role, you will have a competitive advantage. 

Customised CV

Update your social media profiles

When recruiting new staff, many companies will assess their social media profiles to ensure the job seeker has the qualities that fit with their business culture. It's a good idea to update your social media profiles so that these appear more professional.

Applying for roles

Before applying for a new job, it's important to inform your referees that they'll be hearing from a prospective employer, so that they are prepared. In conjunction with sending employers a customised CV, you also need to have a cover letter that's individually tailored to suit the role. Always record the roles you've applied for in case you receive a callback, so you don't appear confused when a prospective employer is asking you questions about a role.

Prepare for interviews

By writing down any questions you believe you will be asked during an interview, as well as the answers, you will be better prepared to answer these during an interview and feel more confident.

If you follow our guide to job hunting successfully, you'll not only achieve better results but speed up the process. For professional resume writing and resume design services contact Loft Resumes today.
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