The resume summary - your secret weapon

You’ve been searching for weeks and have finally found your dream job. You are highly qualified, have plenty of experience and excellent references. So, why is your resume languishing at the bottom of the pile? The answer is a resume summary.

But what exactly is a resume summary, and how can it help you stand out from the competition? 

Resume summary 101

Also known as a summary of qualifications, a resume summary is a brief snapshot of your professional experience. Think of your resume summary as an elevator pitch. These few concise sentences either pique a hiring manager's interest, convincing them to examine your resume in detail or move on to the next applicant. 

Resume objectives v. resume summary - what's the difference?

While both are a few sentences long and located at the top of your resume, objectives and summaries are vastly different. Resume objectives generally focus on your personal interests and what you hope to gain from the role.

Objectives include statements like "I'm seeking a position at XYZ Company where I can utilise my management, leadership and research skills".

Whereas, a resume summary statement explains exactly what you can bring to the role. It focuses on the employers' needs and how your skills and experience will meet them. 

Here is an example of an effective summary statement: "I'm a target-driven sales professional with a proven track record of growing company revenue and profit. With over 10 years' experience in direct sales and business development in the highly competitive consumer electronics industry."

What should I include?
To craft a professional resume, ensure your resume summary includes concrete information on how you have previously added value to companies you've worked for. This proves to the hiring manager that you would be a valued asset to their company. 

What should I leave out?

Nothing turns a hiring manager off faster than vague objective statements, such as "I hope to obtain a position allowing me to utilise my strong communication and leadership skills, which offers opportunities for growth and advancement."

Instead, concentrate on the most vital information in your resume. Summarise this information to explain to your future employer why you are the ideal candidate and exactly what you will contribute to the organisation. 

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