The LinkedIn Summary

Let us show off your accomplishments, values, and passions!

The Linkedin in is your career’s social spotlight. It’s a resume, a personal statement, and a public persona all wrapped into one package – and our writing team is here to help you succeed in this arena. Linkedin writing services will be provided directly to your existing Linkedin page (or for a brand new one if you don’t have one). Our writers will always run any proposed changes by you before posting content to Linkedin, and will always turn the “notify” feature off until you’re ready to share the finalized content.

While maintaining a Linkedin is strongly recommended for all job-seekers, we have found that for certain careers it is especially vital. Namely: real estate, banking, production and showbusiness, project management, and entrepreneurship. In these areas, people will be heavily scrutinizing your public image, so having a good Linkedin is crucial.


So that our writers can stay on track with your own thoughts and content goals, email correspondence and questionnaires are often best. RESUME DESIGNS SOLD SEPARATELY. See our FAQs for more info. 

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