The C-Level

Already enjoying the view from the top? 

Are you near the top of your game and looking to get to the ultimate pinnacle? Or maybe you’ve already reached the biggest heights of your career, but want to push the boundary even further to new frontiers – if you have over 15 years of experience, then our C-Level writing service will help you keep pace amidst the competition of the very few and very talented! Our C-Level team produces a resume that is focused and tailored to the industry and position of your choice!

This type of resume service requires the seasoned eye of a C-Level writer. Whereas lower-tier, early-stage resumes often need to showcase a lot of achievements and upselling, the C-Level is in a league of its own: it often requires reducing a lot of the cluttered old content in a resume (you’ve accomplished a  lot, but what are the most important details?). This resume requires a truly expert eye that can filter out lower value parts of the resume and leave only the highest value parts – a resume worthy of a visionary leader.

We require this service if you have been in your current field for 15+ years or if you haven’t updated your resume in 10+ years. After purchasing, you'll be prompted to upload your current resume and are welcome to provide special instructions for your writer. We'll soon contact you via email to get the process started so we can wordsmith your content and make you shine. So that our writers can stay on track with your own thoughts and content goals, email correspondence and questionnaires are often best. Your final product will be an expertly formatted Word document. RESUME DESIGNS SOLD SEPARATELY. See our FAQs for more info. 


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